IPA (ImmunoPrecise Antibodies) is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with end-to-end technology solutions empowering clients in the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics and diagnostics. We serve our partners through a multi-national, integrated network of facilities in North America and Europe. This enables us to offer a comprehensive range of antibody discovery and development services including, for example, custom antibody generation, in silico analysis, antibody characterization, engineering, manufacturing, and humanization. Located in North America and Europe, IPA serves many of the world’s top biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the common mission of conquering life-threatening diseases.
Job description

You will be an essential part of a great company. You will work  in a dynamic and multidisciplinary team where your passion for AWS, Cloud and architecture is shared, and you make a meaningful  contribution to science and society. 

Our scalable SaaS platform runs on AWS and is optimized to handle high data throughput and support complex algorithms and AI.  It is designed to enable rapid innovation, in which the contribution of our data scientists is key, but also to achieve a rapid cycle from early discovery to actual production of a treatment or drug. Our Front-End Team ultimately ensures an enjoyable and user-friendly user experience for our customers.

Key responsibilities shall include:

At BioStrand, the AWS Experts are part of a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of responsibilities. Think of cloud architecture (AWS), security and IAM, information management, data engineering (data streaming, lambda / kappa architectures, data batching), software engineering, devops & CI / CD and many others. Your main focus is to propose and implement the best AWS services.

  • EducationMasters Degree in Computer Science engineering, Computer Science or equivalent by experience.
  • You have a solid and demonstrable experience with many different AWS services; 
  • You are able to advise, deploy, configure and automate the most suitable AWS service (using terraform); 
  • The range of services you're familiar with should include many of these: IAM (users, groups, roles, iam policies,...) , Cognito (including lambda triggers, authentication specifications, …),CloudFront, EC2 ALB & ELB, Appmesh, VPC (zones, subnets), VPN,Kinesis, SNS, SQS, EventBridge,RDS (postgres, …), CloudWatch, CloudTrail, ECS, EKS, ECR (Kubernetes knowledge is a plus), Everything that has to do with S3 and EC2 (encryption keys, access policies, instance profiles, security groups, …), Tasks, Batch, Compute Environments, Step features, Lambda features.
  • You are experienced in setting up large, complex AWS based architectures; 
  • You have experience in application lifecycle management, continuous integration, and necessary tools (Jira, Git, GKE etc)
  • You know how to implement the right security and privacy measures across the platform according to industry standards (IAM, authorization/authentication flows, GDPR, etc.)
  • Any experience you have with SCRUM or agile working is considered a plus, (we use the Atlassian Stack). The same goes for Golang experience and Python. 
  • It is important that you are agile in planning and organising your work. You are an excellent team player and you feel comfortable in a fast-paced cross-functional environment. 
  • You have good written and oral communication skills in English.