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LENSai™ Uniting In Silico, In Vitro and In Vivo Discovery

Step into the future of biotherapeutic discovery with LENSai. Our powerful technology is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, accelerating drug discovery through scalable data visualization and insights. Integrating in silico, in vitro and in vivo analyses to create a hub of biotherapeutic intelligence. This state-of-the-art approach enables rapid identification of novel therapeutic targets and potentially enhances drug efficacy with reduced side effects. This opens the door to the creation of life-changing drug candidates that have the potential to transform patients’ lives in meaningful ways. Join us in creating innovative solutions where none have previously existed.

Welcome to the modern lab

Engineered for biotherapeutic intelligence. Experience unprecedented actionable insights with LENSai’s Integrated Intelligence Technology that seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources, platforms, and functions to revolutionize research. This first-in-class patented AI technology united with the #1 ranked CRO1 wet lab, bridges the gap between two methodologies and creates an efficient advanced solution. This powerful combination helps manage high-throughput data to uncover complex targets, rapidly opening up new discoveries and therapeutic approaches. With our highly customizable solution, you can source intelligence from the vast biotherapeutic data landscape, giving you a competitive edge in the race to the clinic.

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Engineered for acceleration

What if you could discover deeper insights with less effort in a fraction of time? LENSai’s unique technology unites complex intelligence from in silico multi-omics, in vitro and in vivo data and end-to-end discovery models to mirror the multi-layered organization of biological systems. Cutting edge AI analysis powered by the HYFTs® network provides unparalleled and real-time insights. Automated continuous feedback loops from wet-lab validated in silico experiments make the system smarter. By exploring a wider range of drug candidates more quickly and analyzing existing candidates with high sensitivity, we can uncover new disease mechanisms and targets.

Engineered for the undiscovered

Undiscovered novel therapeutics hold the key to treating diseases that currently lack effective therapies. Less than 10% of druggable proteins are currently targeted by FDA-approved drugs, leaving a large opportunity for the modern lab and AI-driven models to rapidly change the landscape in how we conduct biotech research. LENSai can help lead the way in finding hidden drug candidates or benchmark existing ones for safety and efficacy. This shift in drug discovery is both exciting and necessary, as it has the potential to improve patient outcomes and address unmet medical needs. Join us in making a meaningful impact in healthcare discoveries.
innovation with
Efficient In Vitro, In Vivo and In Silico antibody discovery and validation streamline the path to clinic.
By utilizing a comprehensive end-to-end approach that covers candidate exploration, characterization, immunogenicity screening, and benchmarking we can potentially reduce both time and risks, ultimately enabling us to reach patients in need faster than ever before.
In Silico Power
Tackling the
toughest challenges
Breaking new ground: solving antibody discovery for complex targets
Therapeutic discovery is an intricate combinatorial challenge. From small molecules to therapeutic proteins, the molecular complexity increases. Drug targets also become more complex, such as ion channels, microbiomes etc. To manage the magnitude of the problem efficiently, standard AI is not enough. The LENSai platform, powered by HYFT technology, is designed to analyze the immense and find new insights. Not only do we offer state-of-the-art proprietary technology, but we also have a talented and imaginative team ready to tackle any of your toughest challenges.
The power
behind LENSai
Unparalleled pan-omic insight: smarter by the second
The LENSai platform is based on our proprietary transversal language, HYFTs, which allows for efficient data indexing and analysis. With HYFT technology massive amounts of biological data can be organized and pre-indexed, making it easily accessible for researchers. The HYFT language is unique in its capability to capture information about sequence, function and protein structure and present this is a single multi-dimensional knowledge graph linked by over 25 billion relations. The platform continuously enriches its knowledge base through data looping, while natural language processing (NLP) provides instant access to 33 million abstracts from the PubMed database, expanding the network.
Service offering
Cracking the code: big data with unprecedented insight and analysis
Designed to: accelerate drug discovery, lower costs, improve efficiency, expand data insight, enhance safety and efficacy. Scale LENSai to customize to your needs and promote end-to-end high-throughput workflows.
Data Management
Data Management
Multi-interface (API-first)
Sequence Analysis
Sequence Analysis
Immune Repertoire
Affinity Maturation
Structural Analysis
Structural Analysis
Epitope Prediction
Antibody Structure Prediction
Epitope Binning
Structural Modeling
Ligand Docking
Functional Analysis
Functional Analysis
Target Validation
Functional Profiling
Lead Identification
Target Discovery
Customized cross-functional analysis
The unparalleled functionality can be customized to combine cross-functional layering and analysis of sequence, structure, and function allowing for a truly comprehensive and integrated approach to understanding complex biological systems.
Therapeutics generate massive data: significant opportunities lie ahead for the many ways AI can transform healthcare and improve the health of patients.
Of druggable proteins are targeted by FDA‑approved drugs*

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