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LENSai™ Integrated Intelligence Platform

Experience the next level of data management and insights extraction with LENSai, an AI-powered platform that redefines how organizations manage complex biological data. Our patented, first-in-class HYFT® technology, powered by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), uncovers meaningful patterns, sequences, connections, and insights from data, empowering you to make faster and more informed decisions. By integrating multiple layers of information, LENSai provides a comprehensive understanding of your data landscape and transforms your operational capabilities.

Making the complex highly simplified - unparalleled analytical data scalability for drug discovery

Designed to address the complex challenges faced by biology researchers today. Our cutting-edge technology is transforming genomics by enabling rapid analysis of vast amounts of complex biological data, identifying patterns and insights that were previously impossible to detect. Introducing LENSai, the only platform capable of analyzing sequence, structure, and function in one integrated framework. LENSai’s unmatched analytical scalability provides actionable insights that reveal accurate biological relevance, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your data in a fraction of the time.

Collaborate and empower your team with our multi-user accessible platform

We understand the critical importance of meeting the diverse needs of multi-user organizations. Our platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable, with simple data management tools, and easy-to-understand visualizations. Our seamlessly integrated platform benefits users of all skill levels and meets individual needs without requiring any coding or technical expertise. It's the ultimate solution for streamlined and productive collaboration.

Efficiently handle data from diverse inputs, sources, and platforms in real-time

Unprecedented data integration technology connects data sources from multiple platforms and knowledge bases in various formats - providing a comprehensive view on biological systems. By gaining a better understanding of the relationships between genes, proteins, and other molecular components, you can make faster and more informed decisions. Our proprietary indexing scheme turns your databases into a dynamically organized asset enabling real-time vast-scale analytics. In addition, source traceablility of the data warrants trust and precision. Combine historical data, new experiments, and curated knowledge in real-time yielding more effective and potentially safer research outcomes.
Scaling up
Manage complex data with ease
Scalable insight power is crucial in AI drug discovery, enabling researchers to find hidden discoveries and optimize lead candidates. Scalability means instantaneously actionable data through intelligent organization. Data management and analysis become a dynamic system that can adapt to challenging targets through analyzing data at scale, customizing queries, and continuous feedback loops based on experimental results. With LENSai, researchers can trace back to the original data and data source, which provides maximum transparency and reproducibility. In contrast to the classical AI as a black box, this is explainable AI thanks to our white box approach.
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Unite your team with our API-first platform
With our mirroring UI/API, achieve a consistent, unified user experience that promotes collaboration and productivity. It effortlessly integrates your team by reflecting the same data and actions in both the user interface and the application programming interface, reducing the need for complex code changes.
The power
behind LENSai
Unparalleled pan-omic insight: smarter by the second
The LENSai platform is based on our proprietary transversal language, HYFTs, which allows for efficient data indexing and analysis. With HYFT technology massive amounts of biological data can be organized and pre-indexed, making it easily accessible. The HYFT language uniquely captures sequence, function, and protein structure info in a single multi-dimensional knowledge graph with over 25B+ relations. The platform continuously enriches its knowledge base through data looping, while natural language processing (NLP) provides instant access to 33 million abstracts from the PubMed database, expanding the network.
Cracking the code: big data with unprecedented insight and analysis
Designed to: accelerate drug discovery, lower costs, improve efficiency, expand data insight, enhance safety and efficacy. Scale LENSai to customize to your needs and promote end-to-end high-throughput workflows.
Data Management
Data Management
Multi-interface (API-first)
Sequence Analysis
Sequence Analysis
Variant Calling
Immune Repertoire
Affinity Maturation
Structural Analysis
Structural Analysis
Epitope Prediction
Antibody Structure
Epitope Binning
Ligand Docking
Functional Analysis
Functional Analysis
Target Validation
Functional Profiling
Lead Identification
Target Discovery
Customized cross-functional analysis
The unparalleled functionality can be customized to combine cross-functional layering and analysis of sequence, structure, and function allowing for a truly comprehensive and integrated approach to understanding complex biological systems.
Therapeutics generate massive data: significant opportunities lie ahead for the many ways AI can transform healthcare and improve the health of patients.
1M> times
DNA data density is larger than mainstream storage devices can manage.*

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