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Powering the intersection of biotech discovery, biotherapeutics and AI

Experience an unprecedented shift in antibody drug discovery with the power and potential of artificial intelligence. Our patented LENSai™ Integrated Intelligence Technology, powered by HYFTs®, seamlessly integrates massive data from diverse sources, providing comprehensive insights that is designed to accelerate drug discovery while maintaining the highest scientific standards. Discover the new era of drug discovery with LENSai.

Mission driven

We are on a mission to uncover the unknown and transform the discovery process. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, driven by a deep passion to enhance human health. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and our team is committed to making a meaningful impact on the world.

Experience the integrated power of multi-omics data solutions.

Revolutionize your biotherapeutic data management and analysis with our cutting-edge SAAS platform, hosted in the cloud. Our integrated solution offers a unified and integrated data view, enabling rapid insights and security while ensuring traceability, and collaboration. You can effortlessly organize and access vast and diverse data sets, while our advanced analytics tools utilize proprietary algorithms and HYFTs, a novel computational language, to provide detailed and scalable insight.

Learn how in silico insights, analytics and discovery are breaking barriers.

The application of LENSai technology, a high-speed in silico analysis supported by in vitro and in vivo workflows represents an important shift in therapeutic discovery. By rapidly identifying lead drug candidates for potential therapeutic interventions, computational methods can facilitate the efficient evaluation of drug interactions and prioritize candidates based on predicted efficacy, toxicity, and functional properties. Resulting in informed decision-making and selection of the most promising lead candidates, marking a significant transformation in therapeutic discovery and what is possible.

A revolution powered by AI experts.

The question of “what if” has become “when,” as the convergence of AI and antibody discovery propels us towards a critical intersection with unparalleled clinical potential. With the support of our brilliant team of experts driving breakthrough technologies and a #1 globally ranked CRO1, the future is here and now, offering a market changing strategic approach.

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